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Our floor bolt removal system is done by wet diamond core drilling.

The system is completely dust free. We use wet vacuums to collect the waste as it is being produced.

We have a large number of core drills. Depending on the size of bolts, concrete type and complexity we can drill up to 1200 bolts per day.

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Floor bolts that are not removed can sometimes expand when subject to changes in heat. This can in turn cause coatings or shallow repairs that have been applied to fail.

Most warehouses that have been used as storage will have previous floor bolts remaining that were used to secure pallet racking. Unless removed these can add up to a considerable number over the years, multiplying with every different tenant. Removal and repair of the bolt holes results in a safe blank canvas for any new tenant.

Once the bolts have been removed by core drilling, we have a few different options of material for filling them back in. This will depend on the finish that is being installed. The one thing that all of the materials have in common is that they do not shrink or crack.

If the finished floor is being polished or having a clear coating applied we offer a colour matching service to help the repairs blend in to the finished floor.


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