High Build Epoxy is a floor finish in the form of a floor paint.

High Build Epoxy is a floor finish in the form of a floor paint. It has been designed to decorate the desired area as much as it has to offer protection to any substrate you may choose to have it laid on. At DCF, we make use of what we, and the industry, have found to be the highest quality and most hard-wearing Epoxy floor paints. The two-part mixture is key to its potential and what may allow this floor paint finish to become the perfect surface for all your requirements, so please  call our team with any and all questions! 
During the entire process from planning to completion, we can and will be there to offer the best advice we have. It is more important to us to create the best final product in terms of quality and satisfaction for you. To achieve the aforementioned, we like to ask and answer as many questions from you as is possible, such as: 

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What is so good about High Build Epoxy?

The ease of application to such a variety of substrates is key to High Build Epoxy being such a good surfacing option, this is allowed by its clever chemical makeup. Allowing it such benefits as:

Solvent free – therefore practically odour free even through application

Only one coat needed – in most cases


Abrasion resistant

Excellent chemical resistance

Seamless highly glossed finish 

Simple maintenance

This two-part system consists of an Epoxy Resin mixed with a hardener, the two are thoroughly mixed on site. The hardener acts as an epoxy curing agent, and the subsequent chemical reaction results in a permanently hardened resin material. High Build Epoxy derives its advantages from precisely this reaction, for example, the reaction creates a greater than usual level of solids in the resultant paint, allowing a thick coating per application. This explains its ability to very often do the job with only one coat, meaning it performs better in many situations. Perhaps there is also cracking in the surface that needs to be adequately enclosed and protected, or a fully sealed surface is a requirement.
Ease of maintenance can often be overlooked, however as it is something that will need to be done repeatedly, its labour costs can be significantly reduced by the quicker and simpler it is to do.

This is not to mention the effect this will have on its longevity, a surface that is easy to keep in good nick as a result tends to be maintained with a higher standard of cleanliness. At DC, we carefully inspect the areas where you may desire High Build Epoxy, and consult with our expert technicians to ensure that the flooring we provide is best suited to the type of cleaning and stresses it may have to go through.

High Build Epoxy is also well-known for its toughness and long-lasting resistance to impacts, making it suitable for heavy traffic areas. It can perform well in conditions that involve forklifts, and industrial floors where there is constant movement and burden on the floor.

Where does DC Group operate?

We carry out works Worldwide.

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Why should you consider DC Group for your High Build Epoxy needs?

After years in the industry, we are proud to look back over our body of work, and you can see it for yourself over at our Gallery & Testimonials page. You will be able to find the whole range of our works there, including those from years ago. This is because we have always been invested in the long-term performance of every surface we have ever advised for and then laid. Keeping track of its efficiency over time allows us to continually sharpen our skills and ensure we always deliver exactly the product that is most suited to your needs.

Some team members at DC Group have spent their entire working lives becoming experts in all forms of surfacing works. So, you can rest easy knowing they are able to deliver expertise with every roller and brush of epoxy floor coating. Call our experienced team now – and we will advise you on any questions you may have.

The transformation of the site can often be much quicker than what many of our customers expect so contact our team to discuss any future plans you may have, and find out how soon you could be able to revamp your business area! We also understand the values that many of our clients run their businesses based on, as we are a family run limited company too. We take pride in always providing the highest quality and friendly customer services. You can also check our accreditations to see that we meet all sorts of strict guidelines as confirmed by third parties

How does the process of High Build Epoxy flooring work?

High Build Epoxy flooring generally progresses through these three steps, surface preparation, mixing and then application. The surface preparation stage is the most tedious and perhaps the most crucial, there are many things to consider. However, it can be said for all surface preparation works, that a clean and dry substrate is needed, as well as it being free from any

contaminants. The mixing will then also need to be done with care, a mixing paddle or electric drill is used to ensure uniform colour and consistency. To finish, it is best advised to complete the application when the base temperature of the site is closer to room temperature, with the majority of the surface being one coat applied by a roller.

Where could a High Build Epoxy flooring system be used?

High Build Epoxy is a highly versatile material, an exhaustive list of where it can be used may not be possible. However, its popularity continues to grow in such settings as warehouses, hangers, industrial units, food preparation centres, and any number of floors where a sturdy and long-lasting floor is required.

The needs of the commercial and industrial sectors are also met adeptly by a High Build Epoxy flooring option. The materials excellent adhesion to concrete and steel, and easy to maintain hygiene levels are all what help make it so attractive to businesses that need expert application and the bare minimum downtime whilst application takes place. The chemical resistant nature of High Build Epoxy lends itself to use in any environment where harsh substances are used, allowing it to prevent problems such as solvent leaching. These are a few of the considerations that DC Group ensures are carried out, to always deliver the most suitable finish for your requirements.

Whilst considering the option of a High Build Epoxy flooring system, the above listed questions are just a few of those that must be considered. So, please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions. Our polite and experienced team will make sure you get what you need.

At DC Group, it is important to us to see a job from the initial planning stages, right through to the end. This is why we have developed an integrated service that takes care of every need you will have. Meaning that we take care of consultation and design planning, through to project management and aftercare. Through the years of our High Build Epoxy works we have encountered near enough all types of problems that may arise, resulting in us being able to deal with these problems with certainty and first-hand expertise.

For any info on our other services please click here and find out more about all the other expertise in our team and how we could help and advise you.


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