The most environmentally friendly way of getting a new floor finish is to rejuvenate the one that you already have. The sanding and sealing of wooden flooring can provide stunning results on floor that you may have thought was way past its best.

At DCF Group we use the latest technology and machinery to transform any dull and lifeless wooden flooring. Our machines are virtually dust free, which means we can carry out our works with the minimum amount of disruption to the area we are working in.

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"Any Finish Is Achievable, Don't Be Afraid To Ask"

We use high powered edging and corner sanders to do detailed sanding next to skirting boards, architraves and door frames. In larger areas we use state of the art belt sanders, when used by an experienced fitter these machines produce a beautiful seamless finish.

We would not recommend trying to undertake this job yourselves unless you have been fully trained.

A small mistake with these high powered machines can result in large chunks of your flooring being sanded away.

This can cause big dips in the floor that will be visibly noticeable and you may not be able to repair.

If you are going to go ahead and try this yourself please feel free to call us first so we can give you some tips.

The refinishing of wooden flooring is a process where different grades (or grits) of sandpaper are used to scratch the floor until it reaches the desired finish. Lower grit papers are used to begin with, this is to remove any old coatings and to get the floor nice and flat. These low gritted papers will leave big scratches in the floor. Once the floor has been passed over once a higher gritted paper is used, this will reduce the scratches.

This process is carried out again and again until the desired effect is reached. Sanding, staining, oiling, lacquering, waxing, ageing, polishing and filling are all techniques that are available from us. There is a real art to using these machines and obtaining the desired finish.We also carry out repairs and install new products, check out our Wooden Flooring section.


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