Vinyl flooring is an extremely versatile product that practical and durable.
Because of this it is used in an amazing number of applications throughout every sector of the market.
Traditionally vinyl flooring comes in either 2m sheet on rolls or individual tiles, there are lots of variations on this but this is the norm

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In wet areas sheet vinyl is normally used, this is because when the sheets are hot welded together they form an impervious floor covering that is easy to clean and maintain. In applications where there is a high risk of water spillage the vinyl is normally “coved” up the wall approximately 100m to provide an all in one skirting detail. This is usually finished with a capping strip that sticks to the wall and provides a neat finish. This technique is very popular in toilet areas, kitchens, changing rooms and wet rooms. All of our vinyl fitters are highly trained in these techniques and these installations should only be undertaken by professionals.
Vinyl tiles can come in various sizes. Even though they are not very popular these days and somewhat out of fashion, they do provide a strong and durable floor covering that is less wasteful than sheet vinyl. However as they are not as water tight as sheet vinyl the applications that they are used for are limited.

The options for vinyl flooring today are huge, printed, anti-slip, embossed and smooth are all options that are available. There is a different finish available for any project you may have. We pride ourselves on our product knowledge and we keep up to date with all the new technologies and systems that are on the market. Because of this you can rest assured that we can guide you to the right product for your application.

We are completely independent, so all of our advise is totally impartial.
There are a lot of positives for using LVT’s over certain products – for instance, real wood. It is considerably harder to scratch than real wood, it is much more resilient to water than real wood, it is warm underfoot. It is easy to replace one plank as the tiles just butt up to each other and don’t interlock, you don’t need to leave an expansion gap as you do with real wood……the list goes on. This is why this product has become so popular.


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