Well fitted wooden flooring can be a thing of real beauty. As a real wood floor is a natural product it will be completely unique, as no other floor will be exactly the same.
There are countless styles, sizes, species and finishes that can be achieved. We are here to guide you through all of this information and help you find a floor that is suited to your requirements.
We can supply and install any manufacturers pre-finished flooring. Or if you are looking for a bespoke finish we can supply an unfinished product that we can finish on site ourselves.

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Out of all of the flooring options on the market, real wood is probably the one product that needs to be looked after the most.
This is true for installation and also day to day maintenance.
Any mistakes with regards to subfloor preparation, temperature, humidity and product choice can be extremely costly if overlooked.
Wood floors need expansion gaps to the perimeter to allow the floor to expand and contract with varying site conditions.
It is well worth using a professional for these installations.
Unfortunately, we have been called out to numerous jobs over the years where this hasn’t been the case and we have had to repair or replace sub-standard work done by others.

Our wooden floor installers have been extensively trained in all of the different types of wood products on the market. Whether it’s solid planks, engineered boards, parquet, floating floors, sprung sports floors, herringbone mosaic or Versailles panels, we can take care of it all.The sanding machines that we use are virtually dust-free. Please see our Sanding and Sealing section for more details on this.

Call us now for some friendly advice or a free no-obligation quote. We can provide the whole spectrum of options. Whether its heavy weight needle punch for a school, a beautiful silk carpet for your bedroom or an inexpensive hardwearing carpet for your rental property…….we are the company for you.


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